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Okay, so I finally decided to get a new camera a few days ago. Naturally, the first photos I took were of my dolls.

Hahaha...haha...ha. =u=

So anyway, here are two of my test subjects, my Cho twins, Logan and Kai.

Here's Logan and he's drowning in his duck blanket. He loves his blankie~

Drowning in Ducks

I only have one photo of Logan 'cause he went back to sleep right away. XD

Next up is Kai!

Smile for me?

Ever since I changed Kai's face-up, he kinda lost the little smile he had (if it was even visible. XD). I liked his old face up better 'cause now he looks pouty like his twin Logan.

Smile for me?

I hope it won't rain on my rest days so I can attempt to change his face-up again. XD

Smile for me?

And that's it! Haha, Kai's like "Jan...Jan, can you stop the flash? I'm gonna go blind! O_O"

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