Mar. 6th, 2015 12:23 pm
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The theme for this year's Manika Manila's Valentine's meet was PROM~ It was fun seeing everyone dressed up in suits and gowns. >u<

Just posting some of my crew's post prom pics. If you wanna see meet photos, please head over to my flickr prom photos album
here. Anyway, I'll start with the group/couple photos.

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It's a day before the prom and someone here still isn't ready. XD


I apologize in advance for Addie's spazzing. XD

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Rocket had always been told that he looked like a true blue Reinhardt.

He may have his dad's smile and fire element powers, but you cannot ignore his reddish brown hair and blue eyes that looked so much like his mom's.

Most of all, one cannot deny how much he looked like his Uncle Johann when he was his age. XD

Mini me--NOT!
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Meet the newest member of the family!

This little boy's name is Rochester Kenneth but you can call him Rocket for short. :) He's Rocky's big brother. Same as his sister, he also came from the future~ (yeah, that's kinda a long story. XD)

Welcome home Rocket!

The Rocket has landed!

The Rocket has landed!

The Rocket has landed!


Rocket is a Volks: Yo-SD Kakeru. :)

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