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[Manika Manila Themes: Lights] Afternoon Light[Manika Manila Themes: Lights] Afternoon Light

[Manika Manila Themes: Lights] Afternoon Light

My original idea was totally different from this one. It involved Jared, Addie, Christmas lights and a line from an Ed Sheeran song.

But yeah, these happened instead and I'm fairly happy with how these turned out.

Addie looks gorgeous in the afternoon sun.

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Closet Raid

Now I know why my room's always a mess when I get back home.



I keep forgetting to post this here. This is an old photo I submitted for the Manika Manila Tiangge Photo Contest.
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It's cliche because it's Valentine's Day.

And because they're the only "official" couple/pair in my crew. Hahaha.

...Aside from you know, Logan and his blanket...and pillow...and bed. Ohmai Logan, tsk, stick to one!

[Manika Manila Themes: February] Partner

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[ManikaManila Themes: January] Spark

Every flame starts with a little spark.


Hahaha. So creative. So deep. /sarcasm

I got lazy sooo...yeah. Also, I have no idea how lighting is supposed to work here...sooo. ALSO, I cannot, for the life of me, make a spark. LMAO

Anyway, YAY FIRE FIRE FWEE FWEE! I've always wanted to take a photo of Jared and add some flames/fire in it since he can control fire. <3
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Since all my BJD stuff are here, might as well post my entry uh...here. XD

"I am my own hero. After all, I can’t save others if I can’t even save myself."

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ManikaManila Themes: RAIN

Johann's element is water. Whenever he is using or praticing his power, his eyes turn to a brighter shade of blue. This also happens a lot when it rains. :) Also, it almost always seem to rain if he’s feeling sad. Jo, are you depressed lately? XD

Yeaaaah, below is just a bigger version of one of the pics above. XD
Johann's Eyes


Jan. 6th, 2014 04:15 pm
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For Manika Manila Themes: Heartbreak

MM Themes: Heartbreak

Jared is in love with his best friend’s sister.
Addie is in love with her brother’s best friend.
Johann is also in love with his best friend.

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