Mar. 6th, 2015 12:23 pm
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The theme for this year's Manika Manila's Valentine's meet was PROM~ It was fun seeing everyone dressed up in suits and gowns. >u<

Just posting some of my crew's post prom pics. If you wanna see meet photos, please head over to my flickr prom photos album
here. Anyway, I'll start with the group/couple photos.

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It's Christmas time once again and the kids have been busy!

Dear Santa~
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Photos inside! :) )

I was curious about how Addie would look like if she wore glasses, so I tried Johann's glasses on her.

Let's just say I had too much fun and tried it on everybody.

...Except for Jo though, he got to wear a different pair of "glasses" today.
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I was tagged on Instagram to post 5 black and white photos for 5 days. Though I did manage to post 5 photos for 5 days, I think I still failed because I was supposed to post them for 5 consecutive days. X.x Oh well. >.<

Anyway, I thought I should post them here too since they are mostly all doll photos. :)

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Hello Rocky-Two!

Why are you trapped inside a dusty window Rocky-Two?


Dirty office window is dirty. X.x
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The Bunny and the Bear
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Group Shot!

So here's everyone (minus Kai because he's still bodyless )!

L-R: Logan, Shou, Johann, Addie, Rocky, Jared, PoRaBeya and RiCo


I've been wanting to do a group shot of all my dolls for a while now and huurrr~ I'm just so happy they all managed to stand like that for the whole shoot! They're still standing like that right now! >u<

Also, bonus shot of the Reinhardts. I really love their eyes. Such beautiful people. ;o;

Reinhardt  #abjd #bjd #crobidoll #bline #yuri #mline #laen #soom #supergem #ivory
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Just Like Stars

Eyes like stars that sparkle and shine.


Errr, yeah. I have no idea what I just wrote above, but I really like how her eyes turned out in this photo.

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I was gonna post this yesterday and I've already posted this everywhere else but I'm still gonna post this here just because. :D

Happy Mother's Day!
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I had a preeeeeetty productive weekend (well, work off/rest days since my "weekend" is Sunday-Monday). *nods*

Managed to take photos of ALL of my dolls. BUT, I only did that using my tablet so most of those are Instagam posts. XD But hey, that's an achivement. I managed to take a photo of all nine of them! YAY!

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Happy Birthday Johann!

Oh wow! Happy birthday Yoyo! It’s already been a year since you came home to us! >u< /glomps Jo.


/grabs Jo and takes photos~

But oh~?

Oh mannn, PoRa~ >.<


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Whoa, it's been 2 years since my first BJD arrived. Time flies so fast. /criesdramatically


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Happy birthday Jared!
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We played a game! \o/

Woke Logan up from his nap and he's a bit grumpy so excuse him. XD

White text is me/the questions. :)
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Time flies so fast. >u<

Jared = Purple
Rocky =

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Well, I think. XD

You see, Johann and Logan (RHYMES! OMG! JOLO...YOLO /shot) had been sharing bodies recently and since Logan is new here and all, he got the body for quite some time now, leaving Jo (well, his head) in a plastic/glass case of emotion.

With all that said, I decided to take a few shots of Johann. \o/

Johann's element is water. He started learning about the use of water magic/sorcery when he was helping out Jared with his fire magic things. :)

A fun fact about this OC of mine is that before I got him home, it almost always seemed to rain whenever my friends and I talked about him or made plans about his character. When he was shipped...and got held in customs, it rained a bit. The day we claimed him, it was sunny. Coincidence. Yep. ALL A BIG COINCIDENCE. :|

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We...I mean, Addie has BIG NEWS! Well, sorta...big news, but yeah...\o/~ WOOT! XD Anyway.


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Was about to post this yesterday, but yeah OTL.

*white text is me XD*


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It's been a while since I've posted one of these. XD Anyway, here are 10 things about our little Rockadoodles. :)

10 Facts: Rocky

1. Her full name is Roxanne Leigh. Her father gave her the name Roxanne. It was from the lead female in the comics Ghostrider. Her nickname also came from there. Leigh was given to her by her mother, after her mother's late twin.
2. She loves cheesecakes.
3. Her favorite TV show is Pocoyo.
4. Her favorite book is The Velveteen Rabbit.
5. Her favorite movie is Monster's Inc.
6. She's 3 years old. XD
7. She's a daddy's girl. XD
8. She is the youngest among her siblings.
9. She’s quite shy. Not only because she can only understand a little English, she’s also a bit afraid because she’s new to this place.
10. She is not from this timeline. She's from a couple of years in the future. She's our little time traveler, if you may. But of course, the story behind all this will be for another day. :)

I unintentionally made a rhyme. Yay. 8D /shot
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Our trip to Hong Kong a few days ago was my first ever trip out of the country. WOOT! And I thank my ManikaManila friends for making it memorable. ^_^~♥

During our stay in HK, we went to Dollism Plus 7! \o/ I was seriously....SERIOUSLY overwhelmed at the number of doll things there. *__* It was awesome. *____*

I got Jared and Addie some new stuff from there. :D Yaaaaay! :D And since almost everyone is posting their before and after pics, Imma join the bandwagon and post Jared and Addie's too. LOL.


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