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10 Things About Logan

Logan is now officially complete! Just got his body a while ago and I must say I'm happy with it. ;u;

And no, he's not showing you his abs, or his lack of them. He's just scratching his tummy. XD

Anyway, here are 10 things about Logan Ryland Maxwell.


1. Logan loves cereal. If it were up to him, he'd eat nothing but cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
2. Like Johann, Logan doesn't like P.E. because he is very prone to sports related accidents.
3. L is for Logan. L is also for lazy. Logan is lazy. Nuff said.
4. He likes playing "Apple Shooter" and "Robot Unicorn Attack". He prefers the original PC version of RUA though.
5. He doesn't like traveling via boat/ship/ferry/through water. For him, the safest is via land. This is because he cannot swim and he's afraid of sharks.
6. He doesn't like the movie 2012.
7. He likes watching The Simpsons.
8. His element is earth.
9. He has a twin brother named Lucas Ryland.
10. He may not look like it, but he's actually quite a bit of a perv-- I mean, a boy with a wild imagination.
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10 Things About Johann

1. Johann does well in school but he’s not much into PE.
2. In line with the above, the only sport he seems to like most is swimming. And he’s pretty good as a matter of fact.
3. Johann is a bit OC and he loves making lists. He makes lists for almost everything so he won’t forget anything important.
4. He values sleep. He always makes sure that he gets the right amount of sleep per day. He also has a habit of enforcing strict sleep schedules on his family/housemates. (Common offenders of this rule are Jared and I who get either too much or too little sleep. X.x)
5. Patience IS his virtue.
6. He dreams of becoming a writer one day.
7. His element is water.
8. He used to have a huge crush on Britney Spears.
9. His most embarrassing experience was when he lost a bet and he was made to dress up as a girl for a whole day.
10. Has LOW alcohol tolerance. He gets a bit too honest when he’s drunk.
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It's been a while since I've posted one of these. XD Anyway, here are 10 things about our little Rockadoodles. :)

10 Facts: Rocky

1. Her full name is Roxanne Leigh. Her father gave her the name Roxanne. It was from the lead female in the comics Ghostrider. Her nickname also came from there. Leigh was given to her by her mother, after her mother's late twin.
2. She loves cheesecakes.
3. Her favorite TV show is Pocoyo.
4. Her favorite book is The Velveteen Rabbit.
5. Her favorite movie is Monster's Inc.
6. She's 3 years old. XD
7. She's a daddy's girl. XD
8. She is the youngest among her siblings.
9. She’s quite shy. Not only because she can only understand a little English, she’s also a bit afraid because she’s new to this place.
10. She is not from this timeline. She's from a couple of years in the future. She's our little time traveler, if you may. But of course, the story behind all this will be for another day. :)

I unintentionally made a rhyme. Yay. 8D /shot
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Found this in [livejournal.com profile] dollground 's LJ who found it in [livejournal.com profile] moptech 's who found it in flickr.

Click for my confessions. LOL. )
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It's Adelaide's turn. :D

10 Facts: Addie

10 Facts: Addie

1. She's part German and part Japanese.
2. Her parents are separated. She stayed with her Dad and her brother in Germany while her Mom stayed in Japan.
3. She was supposed to have a twin but her twin sister died shortly after being born. Her late twin was named Klarissa Leigh.
4. She loves Peanut Butter.
5. She likes plaid stuff.
6. She loves Sanrio stuff (Hence her email address XD).
7. She likes taking pictures. She likes filling her scrapbook with "memories".
8. She dreams of riding a hot air balloon with her special someone.
9. She is a hopeless romantic who dreams of having her own happy ending.
10. She is quite fond of Ceth. She considers him as her little brother.
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Got tagged in flickr. Thought I'd post it here since almost all my BJD related stuff are here. Anyway, here are some random 10 stuff about Jared. :)


10 Facts: Jared

1. He was born and raised in Germany. His ethnicity however, is unknown. :|
2. He is the oldest among the 3 Delaine children. His younger siblings are named Maddox Xavier and Lenore Karielle.
3. He absolutely HATES his 2nd name. Alex is okay, but DO NOT call him Alexander.
4. He loves pasta, especially lasagna.
5. His favorite comic book is Ghostrider.
6. He does NOT have perfect 20/20 vision. 8)
7. He is right-handed.
8. He can be quite dense at times. Sometimes, I'd like to think that all his comprehension skills went to all that fire sorcery training. >_>
9. He dreams of becoming a comic book artist but that dream is currently being overshadowed by his desire to be a Fire Master.
10. He can control fire! PEW-PEW! TSSSHHHH! ...well, sorta. XD

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