Mar. 6th, 2015 12:23 pm
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The theme for this year's Manika Manila's Valentine's meet was PROM~ It was fun seeing everyone dressed up in suits and gowns. >u<

Just posting some of my crew's post prom pics. If you wanna see meet photos, please head over to my flickr prom photos album
here. Anyway, I'll start with the group/couple photos.

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It's a day before the prom and someone here still isn't ready. XD


I apologize in advance for Addie's spazzing. XD

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Johann took Logan’s blanket some time ago to be washed (the thing looked REALLY filthy. XD) Logan didn’t like it.

So now…Payback.


Payback Time!

Johann: Logan, give them back.

Logan: No. You took my blanket, I’ll take your glasses.

J: What, come oooonnnnn!

L: No.


Photo Time!

J: Logan, put down the bear.

L: No.


I actually forgot that I took these photos. /laughcry


Dec. 21st, 2014 12:52 am
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Uh, yeah, hello.

Can we go home now?


Just some photos of Logan and the bear named Bear when I brought them to the office a few days ago.

Yeah, he didn't really like it there. XD
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Photos inside! :) )

I was curious about how Addie would look like if she wore glasses, so I tried Johann's glasses on her.

Let's just say I had too much fun and tried it on everybody.

...Except for Jo though, he got to wear a different pair of "glasses" today.
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I was tagged on Instagram to post 5 black and white photos for 5 days. Though I did manage to post 5 photos for 5 days, I think I still failed because I was supposed to post them for 5 consecutive days. X.x Oh well. >.<

Anyway, I thought I should post them here too since they are mostly all doll photos. :)

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Group Shot!

So here's everyone (minus Kai because he's still bodyless )!

L-R: Logan, Shou, Johann, Addie, Rocky, Jared, PoRaBeya and RiCo


I've been wanting to do a group shot of all my dolls for a while now and huurrr~ I'm just so happy they all managed to stand like that for the whole shoot! They're still standing like that right now! >u<

Also, bonus shot of the Reinhardts. I really love their eyes. Such beautiful people. ;o;

Reinhardt  #abjd #bjd #crobidoll #bline #yuri #mline #laen #soom #supergem #ivory


Oct. 20th, 2014 01:20 am
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So yeah.

This is called YoLo because


There was a time when I said that this ship would never ever set sail, but I guess they say "never say never" for a reason.

So yeah. YoLo!

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Actually, NOT so lazy Sunday for me because I did something kinda productive.


Johann! After a thouuusand years I finally got to take a photo of him again. ;u;

But you know, I think the "Lazy Sunday" theme only applies to these two.

Lazy Sundays



/boards the YoLo ship
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Okay, so I finally decided to get a new camera a few days ago. Naturally, the first photos I took were of my dolls.

Hahaha...haha...ha. =u=

So anyway, here are two of my test subjects, my Cho twins, Logan and Kai.

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Birthday Boys

Birthday Boys


~~~~~   ~~~~~~

Logan: Just wake me up when we're on the candle blowing part.

Kai: Don't be a killjoy.   /drags Logan to party 


Happy birthday you two! We love you! ♥

Also, I apologize for the excessive use of EXO emoticons. Hnng Jong-in.... obvious bias is obvious ... Kai (EXO)

...also, Chen is adorbs. /dies 
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I had a preeeeeetty productive weekend (well, work off/rest days since my "weekend" is Sunday-Monday). *nods*

Managed to take photos of ALL of my dolls. BUT, I only did that using my tablet so most of those are Instagam posts. XD But hey, that's an achivement. I managed to take a photo of all nine of them! YAY!

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Okay, okay. I know late post is late but better late than never right? XD

Last Easter Sunday, we packed our bags and went to our province Majayjay, Laguna. I always, ALWAYS (insert Snape here...."ALWAYS." /shot) look forward to forward to our trips there simply because it's so relaxing there. ;o;

Of course, as with any other trip, some of my dolls tagged along. And really self, you had to drag along 2 of the laziest members of your crew. >_>

Lazy-Bum Jared and Lazy-Bum Logan went with us on our trip. Of course, doll pics are a must so here~ Enjoy~!

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10 Things About Logan

Logan is now officially complete! Just got his body a while ago and I must say I'm happy with it. ;u;

And no, he's not showing you his abs, or his lack of them. He's just scratching his tummy. XD

Anyway, here are 10 things about Logan Ryland Maxwell.


1. Logan loves cereal. If it were up to him, he'd eat nothing but cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
2. Like Johann, Logan doesn't like P.E. because he is very prone to sports related accidents.
3. L is for Logan. L is also for lazy. Logan is lazy. Nuff said.
4. He likes playing "Apple Shooter" and "Robot Unicorn Attack". He prefers the original PC version of RUA though.
5. He doesn't like traveling via boat/ship/ferry/through water. For him, the safest is via land. This is because he cannot swim and he's afraid of sharks.
6. He doesn't like the movie 2012.
7. He likes watching The Simpsons.
8. His element is earth.
9. He has a twin brother named Lucas Ryland.
10. He may not look like it, but he's actually quite a bit of a perv-- I mean, a boy with a wild imagination.
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So yeaaah, to make my weekend/rest day semi-productive, I decided to take photos of some of my dolls. :D Sorta happy with what I did today.


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We played a game! \o/

Woke Logan up from his nap and he's a bit grumpy so excuse him. XD

White text is me/the questions. :)
Let the games begin! )
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So I'm just gonna mash up 2 entries into one because I can. /shot XD

Since Logan never really got a box opening post, I think this will do. >.<


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