Mar. 6th, 2015 12:23 pm
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The theme for this year's Manika Manila's Valentine's meet was PROM~ It was fun seeing everyone dressed up in suits and gowns. >u<

Just posting some of my crew's post prom pics. If you wanna see meet photos, please head over to my flickr prom photos album
here. Anyway, I'll start with the group/couple photos.

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I'm a Mess

Feb. 10th, 2015 11:32 pm
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I'm a Mess

"See the flames inside my eyes
It burns so bright I wanna feel your love
Easy baby maybe I'm a liar
But for tonight I wanna fall in love"

- I'm a Mess by Ed Sheeran


He knows he isn't perfect. He's far from it, yet he still strives to be as perfect as he can be.

For her.


Forgive the fluff, Valentine's Day is coming. XD
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Jared, WHY? I'M CRY! ;A;

Jared fell the other day when I was taking his photos.

I cried. HAHAHA.






No. Seriously. I cried.

He now has a small chip on the blushing on his nose (sorta like a pimple. HAHA. ....but still /cry) and a scratch on his forehead near his eyebrows (sorta like a kitten scratch. HAHA. ...but still /even more cries).

The damages are not really that noticeable but they're still there.


I've never cried before when Jo damaged his face-up or when Kai and Rico got scratches on their faces (And Rico is my grail doll for Ra's sake. Hahaha.../shot). Sure I got sad but I never cried. The only other time I cried was when Addie's arm/elbow joint broke that I had to get replacement parts from SOOM. But other than that...I...never...really cried over doll damages. OTL

...My favoritism is starting to show. Jared is my first doll and yeah...he's very very special to me.

My baby boy now has battle scars on his face. 

/cradles Jared

Jared: Jan...Jan, stop. I'm fine.



Jan. 30th, 2015 11:30 pm
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Just Jared :)

Just Jared :)

Fight with fire.


LOL no Jared. You'll burn down the house. Do your fire magic thinga-ma-jig somewhere else.


Jan. 2nd, 2015 09:12 pm
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...Because WOLF paws.


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New Year 2015

Dressed up Jared and Addie for New Year's Day. 

I was supposed to take them to our family reunion/gathering thing but it was raining so I didn't get to take their pictures outside. I just settled on taking their photo at home.

Anyway, happy new year everyone!
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It's Christmas time once again and the kids have been busy!

Dear Santa~
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Photos inside! :) )

I was curious about how Addie would look like if she wore glasses, so I tried Johann's glasses on her.

Let's just say I had too much fun and tried it on everybody.

...Except for Jo though, he got to wear a different pair of "glasses" today.

Date Night

Nov. 21st, 2014 08:54 pm
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Date NightDate Night

Me: Where are you two going?
Jared: Out.
Me: Out?
Addie: It's Friday~


Apparently, Friday night is date night for these two. XD

...I'm also uploading both colored and black and white versions of this photo because I can't decide which one is better.

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Support Legit!

We're kinda late to the party but better late than never right? :)

Supporting recasts is no way to thank the artists who put in a lot of their time, effort, skill and imagination to give us these dolls that play a big part of our lives as ball-jointed doll enthusiasts.

So give these awesome artists some love and go #proBJDartists.

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I was tagged on Instagram to post 5 black and white photos for 5 days. Though I did manage to post 5 photos for 5 days, I think I still failed because I was supposed to post them for 5 consecutive days. X.x Oh well. >.<

Anyway, I thought I should post them here too since they are mostly all doll photos. :)

Click for photos! :) )
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First Love Never Dies

First Love Never Dies

"Jan, do you see this? I NEED this."

Jared LOVES lasagna. He's secretly married to every lasagna in the world.


My friend Arvie posted a photo of this glorious lasagna on Instagram. It looked so good it got Jared and I craving for it. XD
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YAY Birthday!

YAY Birthday!YAY Birthday!

YAY Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jared! ♥

Here's to another year and more of awesomeness~ ♥

Okay, I'm gonna cry. First doll feels. TTuTT

/hugs jared

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Group Shot!

So here's everyone (minus Kai because he's still bodyless )!

L-R: Logan, Shou, Johann, Addie, Rocky, Jared, PoRaBeya and RiCo


I've been wanting to do a group shot of all my dolls for a while now and huurrr~ I'm just so happy they all managed to stand like that for the whole shoot! They're still standing like that right now! >u<

Also, bonus shot of the Reinhardts. I really love their eyes. Such beautiful people. ;o;

Reinhardt  #abjd #bjd #crobidoll #bline #yuri #mline #laen #soom #supergem #ivory
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Get back to work.



Sooo, yeah, I got a new cam right, and...

*le gasp*

I still haven't taken a picture of Jared!

Shame on me. And he's supposed to be "The Favorite". Good job Jan. Good job. OTL

And also, I have been on tumblr too much these days. I found myself stuck on the Yugioh/Atemu/Yami Yugi tag that I kinda forgot I had work to do...yeah.

*dumps more buckets of shame on self*


...So weird having Jared telling me to get back to work when he's also lazy bum. XD
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Closet Raid

Now I know why my room's always a mess when I get back home.



I keep forgetting to post this here. This is an old photo I submitted for the Manika Manila Tiangge Photo Contest.
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Okay, okay. I know late post is late but better late than never right? XD

Last Easter Sunday, we packed our bags and went to our province Majayjay, Laguna. I always, ALWAYS (insert Snape here...."ALWAYS." /shot) look forward to forward to our trips there simply because it's so relaxing there. ;o;

Of course, as with any other trip, some of my dolls tagged along. And really self, you had to drag along 2 of the laziest members of your crew. >_>

Lazy-Bum Jared and Lazy-Bum Logan went with us on our trip. Of course, doll pics are a must so here~ Enjoy~!



Apr. 3rd, 2014 09:37 pm
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Aaaaand it's officially the start of the summer season on our side of the planet.

We went to Laguna for our family outing last Sunday. I brought Jared (because I can and will never go out of town without him) and Rico (because c'mon, look at that bod.) with me. ;u;

I didn't swim in the pool much though. I preferred to stay inside the rooms where the aircon is on. 8D Hahaha. #Killjoy. XD

The boys looked like they had fun though. :D


Here we have our resident host by the pool. ♥

[Rico] Summer!
Because Ricocococococococo and his sunglasses are ready for summer.

And here we have Jared explooooorrrriiinnnggg~

[Jared] Summer!
Summer is hot.
Fire is hot.
Jared is fire.
...and therefore we shall have barbecue. XD

And those two are the only proper photos I have of the boys. I have more in my Instagram (though not as....formal...proper...HQ. HAHA? IDK what to call these.). :D

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So yeaaah, to make my weekend/rest day semi-productive, I decided to take photos of some of my dolls. :D Sorta happy with what I did today.


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It's cliche because it's Valentine's Day.

And because they're the only "official" couple/pair in my crew. Hahaha.

...Aside from you know, Logan and his blanket...and pillow...and bed. Ohmai Logan, tsk, stick to one!

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