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Well, he dyed his hair black.

He should be dyeing it silver gray again 'cause he'll be going back to work soon. XD

RiCo's currently on paid Vacation Leave. Lucky guy. XD

Back in Black
More pics under the cut~ )

Half Alive

Mar. 6th, 2015 02:41 pm
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Half Alive

Half Alive

Half Alive

"I'm almost alive, and I need you to try
And save me.
It's okay that we're dying,
But I need to survive tonight, tonight."

Half Alive by Secondhand Serenade

Year 1

Jan. 13th, 2015 03:36 pm
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Happy birthday Mr. Douglas. ♥


I really don't know what to say. He's my grail and I'm happy that he's home. ♥

Year 1
More photos here! )
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It's Christmas time once again and the kids have been busy!

Dear Santa~
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Photos inside! :) )

I was curious about how Addie would look like if she wore glasses, so I tried Johann's glasses on her.

Let's just say I had too much fun and tried it on everybody.

...Except for Jo though, he got to wear a different pair of "glasses" today.


Nov. 5th, 2014 09:13 pm
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RiCo's main element is water but he prefers to use ice. 

Ice Master Rico.

Yeaaahhhhh...no? Maybe? 


I've only noticed his lopsided necklace after I processed the photo. Haha, go me. =_=
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Group Shot!

So here's everyone (minus Kai because he's still bodyless )!

L-R: Logan, Shou, Johann, Addie, Rocky, Jared, PoRaBeya and RiCo


I've been wanting to do a group shot of all my dolls for a while now and huurrr~ I'm just so happy they all managed to stand like that for the whole shoot! They're still standing like that right now! >u<

Also, bonus shot of the Reinhardts. I really love their eyes. Such beautiful people. ;o;

Reinhardt  #abjd #bjd #crobidoll #bline #yuri #mline #laen #soom #supergem #ivory


May. 12th, 2014 10:14 pm
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"Can you read me a bedtime story?"
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I had a preeeeeetty productive weekend (well, work off/rest days since my "weekend" is Sunday-Monday). *nods*

Managed to take photos of ALL of my dolls. BUT, I only did that using my tablet so most of those are Instagam posts. XD But hey, that's an achivement. I managed to take a photo of all nine of them! YAY!



Apr. 3rd, 2014 09:37 pm
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Aaaaand it's officially the start of the summer season on our side of the planet.

We went to Laguna for our family outing last Sunday. I brought Jared (because I can and will never go out of town without him) and Rico (because c'mon, look at that bod.) with me. ;u;

I didn't swim in the pool much though. I preferred to stay inside the rooms where the aircon is on. 8D Hahaha. #Killjoy. XD

The boys looked like they had fun though. :D


Here we have our resident host by the pool. ♥

[Rico] Summer!
Because Ricocococococococo and his sunglasses are ready for summer.

And here we have Jared explooooorrrriiinnnggg~

[Jared] Summer!
Summer is hot.
Fire is hot.
Jared is fire.
...and therefore we shall have barbecue. XD

And those two are the only proper photos I have of the boys. I have more in my Instagram (though not as....formal...proper...HQ. HAHA? IDK what to call them...as these.). :D

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So yeaaah, to make my weekend/rest day semi-productive, I decided to take photos of some of my dolls. :D Sorta happy with what I did today.


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Hey now, hey now...

...don't dream it's over.

...or you know...



Brought RiCo to school with me today. Yesterday I brought along Logan but I failed to take pics. OTL.

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Rushed, semi sorta intro again for RiCo.

and I just finished the Yuri route in Nameless so yay inspiration /shot


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Oh boy. How do I start. I'm lost for words.

Hmmm, but here~

About 2 years ago, Crobidoll released their Blines for the first time and I absolutely fell in love with Yuri. He's just so gorgeous I wanna keep staring at him all day. wat lol. that sounded like a love story /shot. His order period had already passed when I finally made up my mind that YES. I WILL ORDER HIM BECAUSE HE'S JUST SO FRIKKEN GORGEOUS. Thinking that he will not be on sale again at least for a while, I went ahead and ordered Addie on layaway.

BUT THEN I FOUND OUT ABOUT DOLK and they still had 1 more Yuri in stock. Sadly, since I'm already doing a layaway, with a heavy heart, I passed on that opportunity to get him.

Since then, I have always looked in the MP for any sales for a Crobi Yuri. Come HK Dollism 8, I wanna cry 'cause I finally saw him in person. He's just so gorgeous. Sadly, I cannot buy him right then and there 'cause I didn't have the money. Same thing happened in HK Dollism 9. /all my creiz. ALL MY CREIZ. He has popped up in the MP a couple of times as well but he's either WAAAAY too expensive and the seller won't take layaway. >.<

SO LAST YEAR, Crobi tied up with Cheritz for a game called Nameless. MY head just BURSTED. It went HAYWIRE when I saw Yuri in the line up. I wanted to cry because I thought, will this time be the same with the others? He was released November last year, THANKFULLY FINALLY long story short, I was able to get him with a little to no convincing from Kanis and Jugi. XD

So yeah, we claimed him last Monday and when we were opening his box, I was seriously holding back the tears 'cause guuuh, I was just so happy, but I didn't want to be a crying mess that day. XD

....weeew. That's a preeeetty big wall of text I made. Well then, enough blabbering, here's my GRAIL DOLL. RiCo, a CrobiDoll B Line Yuri.

RiCO Douglas

RiCO Douglas

RiCO Douglas

RiCO Douglas
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Happy Birthday Johann!

Oh wow! Happy birthday Yoyo! It’s already been a year since you came home to us! >u< /glomps Jo.


/grabs Jo and takes photos~

But oh~?

Oh mannn, PoRa~ >.<



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